come let’s be a new spring ~ Rumi


let’s fall
in love
let’s turn
all the dirt
in this world
to shiny gold

let’s be
a new spring
a love reborn

find our aroma
from the essence
of all who
emit heavenly fragrance

like a fresh tree
bloom and spread
all the blessings
right from inside

(translation by Nader Khalili)
photo credit: all glory to the sun, mother earth, and cherry blossom trees

One thought on “come let’s be a new spring ~ Rumi

  1. Perfect. I have been painting cherry blossom trees and dogwood trees all week in art class w my students..we have been painting the cherry blossoms with soft light pink and white paint using qtips, and for dogwood flower trees we use popcorn to create a really neat texture effect. Ive been enjoying the celebration of the newness of spring through these paintings. Maybe i will read them this rumi poem next week! Thanks 🙂

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