12 steps to a compassionate life bookclub via blog

Dear Soulshiny Readers,

I’ve had an idea. I’m so inspired by Karen Armstrong’s body of work for Compassion. Her intention through the Charter for Compassion and her books is to unify humans in compassion, despite religious, ethnic, racial, gender, political, lifestyle … well … despite ALL our differences. Her intention is to contribute to a viable, sustainable, loving world … A KINDER world. Kindness Rocks, so I’d like to help contribute momentum to this movement.

Wouldn’t it be fun to read the book and post comments and ideas about compassion over the next 12 months? We can share stories, impressions, challenges, and successes through comment field! I thought it would be an interesting and affirmative plan (and for our ohsoverybusy lives … this is ohsovery DO-ABLE). Let’s explore Karen Armstrong’s latest book, 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life together, over the next 12 months. I’ve just requested the book from library and I will be writing a series of posts here on Soul Sunshine, reflecting on each chapter’s messages.

Who? YOU! yes, you sitting there staring into the light. (When you’re on MY site, the light you’re being exposed to intends vitamin D for your SOUL!!! Good stuff!)

What? A Group Read and Share… aka a virtual soulshiny book club for Twelve Steps to Compassionate Life via blog.

When? Once a month, here on my site. I’ll dedicate one post per month reflecting on ONE (yes, just ONE) chapter of the book. Easy Peesy, lemon squeezy. (Sorry, yes I know I know, that was cheezy.)

Why? Because the world needs more Kindness and Compassion

Where? Here on my Soul Sunshine site http://www.beckyjaine.com starting soon and going for 12 months.

Do WHAT? If you haven’t already, subscribe by clicking button to the RIGHT over there, and you’ll get soul sunshine in your inbox.  Read the book: get it from your library or order online. (I don’t get kickbacks.) Comment on a post I’ve offered. Send me YOUR essay or write a guest blog post and email me and YOU can contribute your thoughts to get us thinking. Share how the chapter/book makes you feel. Share your personal stories of compassion or kindness. You do this by clicking “Comment” button at the bottom of a post, and then entering your name and comment. That’s it

Here are the Chapter titles from her book:

The First Step: Learn About Compassion
The Second Step: Look at Your Own World
The Third Step: Compassion for Yourself
The Fourth Step: Empathy
The Fifth Step: Mindfulness
The Sixth Step: Action
The Seventh Step: How Little We Know
The Eighth Step: How Should We Speak to One Another?
The Ninth Step: Concern for Everybody
The Tenth Step: Knowledge
The Eleventh Step: Recognition
The Twelfth Step: Love Your Enemies

Inspired by Karen, I must leave you with this amazing TED talk she did in 2008 including her Wish: The Charter for Compassion

Are you in?
love and compassion (and living my commitment to use my site for goodness),

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