enough already (you don’t have to read this)


enough already
everything everything
encompassing captivating consuming
our attention
our vulnerabilities
our money
our response
our beliefs
our time
our approval
our very sacred am.

countless forceful bursts
jeering us
–rarely cheering us–
attempting to remind us of
(would-be) inadequacies
our failings, imperfections,
our suffering,
our very humanity.

demanding that i
reduce my harmful signs of aging
(umm, no thank you. where’s the button “i love the way my face records my very existence”?)

laughter completely felt
pain deeply owned
life truly lived.

dearest, remember
i can choose where i give my attention.
i can choose what i believe about this spectacular world.
i will choose how to live me.

i am enough to simply

we are already enough.

ɛïɜ becky ɛïɜ
(with a tinge of regret i click “publish” to love you where–and as–you are)

6 thoughts on “enough already (you don’t have to read this)

  1. Sistah Becky,

    This reminds me of another of my favorite quotes:

    “We don’t have to do anything to be glorious; to be so is our nature. If we have read, studied, and loved; if we have thought as deeply as we could and felt as deeply as we could; if our bodies are instruments of love given and received – then we are the greatest blessing in the world. Nothing needs to be added to that to establish our worth.” — Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

    Thank you for the reminder! xoxo

    Peace AND Prosperity,


  2. I like reading you, thank you very much! And I love the italics of harmful signs of aging and your response to that concept. I’d never thought of it that way. I will happily adopt that idea from you.

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