the thinks we can think

Dear Heart,

It’s been a while since I wrote something I thought was worthy to share with you, but perhaps this question might tickle your brain cells?

A friend recently posed a thought-provoking question: What do you think are the TWO biggest threats to the health of our children and grandchildren? This got me thinking…deep thinking… only TWO? I initially thought of many many things, but had to much think harder about what I believe to be the two most powerful threats. (Deep thinking led to deep writing.)

So now I’m wondering about your thoughts and opinions on the subject? What do you think, dear soul…. what are the TWO greatest threats to our kids and our grandkids? If you want, scroll down to read my thoughts on the subject, but if you prefer to have a deeper think for yourself first, SCROLL REALLY QUICKLY to the bottom of this post, below all those red hearts, and think… then share your own thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to know what you think. Thinking is powerful heartwork. I think we are all “right” so there are no wrong answers here.

.•° (◠‿◠) .°•.

I think the biggest threats to our children (and to all of us for that matter) is fear that leads to withholding love, kindness and compassion from people in our immediate communities. I don’t mean our friends and family and people we agree, with, but I mean people we do not understand or agree with. Could be our neighbors, or people who go to differing churches or religions. Our fear and lack of understanding, and the lack of listening makes us alienate each other–blocking and shouting… not listening and remembering our shared humanity. (It is very hard for me to listen to someone I don’t agree with, so I don’t say this without knowing that sometimes I am part of the threat.)

Second threat is that as a species most of us human beings have become disconnected from the earth, while treading in total disregard upon her. Collectively we have forgotten that we are a part of her and neglect the fact that– as the late robert wolff wrote–“What there is is all there is.”

We humans have made dreadful and destructive choices/actions out of fear and through disconnection–misusing our human powers and dramatically harming Mama Earth. Some human creativity has gone detrimental rogue.

I think the only chance we humans have to contribute to the healing Mama Earth needs is for us to step up and evolve as a species. To do this we need to reconnect humanity–through deep listening–to help love and lift each other towards human evolution, despite our disagreements. We humans need to accept our fears and override them, and to love the bahjeebahs out of each other… to EVOLe!

And to address our disconnection from earth we need to help people who have forgotten, reconnect to nature, (mother nature). We need to intentionally walk in the natural beauty and splendor that still exists in some spaces: Lovingly reminding ourselves of our connections and dependence to the earth. This might help us cultivate more compassion and make better choices in our daily lives, like going with less and reducing consumption of the naughty harmful things.

Just my thoughts. There are so many other problems, but to me I think these are the roots of all our global and environmental problems. Fear and lack of love and listening, and disconnection for nature. We need to start exactly where we are, and love and listen to each other. To try to reduce other humans’ suffering, and put some love and listening on everything. And vote. And activate. And march. And build community. And reduce consumption. and … and … and …. it starts where I am, what I can do and how can I be of service to love and kindness… to humans and the earth.

~ becky j suzik


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3 thoughts on “the thinks we can think

  1. Ha! I just read your thoughts…
    Empathy to me includes empathy for Mother Earth.
    I knew I liked you for a reason. 😘

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