i love you and Mr. Happy Man does too (must see video)

What would happen if we all offered love and kindness to everyone we encountered each day? Genuinely loving people we have never met before AND those we have previously judged by seeming facts?

What would happen if we sent the thought or even said “I love you” to anyone, everyone … all people, regardless of the previous reasons that may have prohibited our love?

How would YOU feel to be on the receiving end of such unconditional love and acceptance?

Matt Morris Films created this beautiful short documentary about Mr. Happy Man of Bermuda. A man who lives from his heart each and EVERY DAY. Watch this video and witness the life and love he generates!

I love you … I really do!
☼✿ becky jaine  ✿☼

2 thoughts on “i love you and Mr. Happy Man does too (must see video)

  1. What wonder-full videos – big smile on my face that just won’t go away (how will I brush my teeth?). Emma Jaine and Mr. Happy Man are, themselves, pure, natural, spontaneous life-lovers; they leave me with a profound sense of kindness.

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