the most beautiful question in the world

all we need is love


A question I contemplate and strive to cultivate answers within myself is Could there be anything more beautiful, powerful and healing than fully-activated human love?

I have great hope in us humans. The best of humanity has not yet been revealed.  Humanity’s finest hour is coming. We are about to collectively wake up and activate humanity’s greatest secret, currently resting dormant inside of us.

You see, inside each of us we harbor a powerful God Seed–the most likely healing medicine for the world, our greatest gift yet to come. Human God Seeds are the greatest earthly resource of all; greater than oil, even more powerful and creative than carbon. So far only partially activated in the world right now, our God Seeds have transformative healing abilities unleashed as the power of fully-activated Human Love.

Human Love is a completely renewable and sustainable resource, a SOULar power channeled through humans and powered by the Earth: yes Human LOVE is abundant and shall come through more than 7 billion beings!

This new form of Human Love gives us abilities to place our attention upon each other in deeper ways, to become the healers we need for our planet and all of our residents.

Human Love is God animated. We each of us carry within us the possibility of God. We live our Godliness through the choices we make, the way we treat and care for one another, our friends and neighbors, and also those whom we have yet to understand or care for–those we might regard as enemies, terrorists, or even the opposing political party.

What is missing in the telling of the story of our current Earthly mess, is how as a species we humans can, will and must EVOLve to LOVE all humans, to harness LOVE as medicine to heal each other and our injured planet.

The secret is that we humans are the medicine for the planet. As is so often the case with illnesses, the cure rests within the pulse of the disease.

By fully activating our collective Human Love potential—we humans will indeed save the world.

So I ask Could there be anything more beautiful, powerful, and healing than fully-activated Human Love?

i love you. i love our earth. i love and accept this crazy mess we have made. and i love the bigger LOVE we have yet to live. i’m ready. let’s all bring love on! all we need is love.

all my ❤ becky

2 thoughts on “the most beautiful question in the world

  1. Hola Becky,

    I hope you may still remember me. I’m the Peruvian you met at the NC Symphony, several months ago. I fully agree with you. What we actually need are thousands of Beckys and then the whole world will change. You’re doing a good job and your character and personality are helping a lot of people. I’ll try to follow your example.

    Best personal regards,


    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hola dear Guillermo! Oh YES I do indeed remember you. I so very much enjoyed meeting you and our amazing evening of celestial music and wonderful conversation. Thank you so much for your kind post and words. They mean so much to me.
      with love, joy and gratitude, becky

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