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Dear Hearts,

For the past six months I’ve devoted significant time and imagination to JOYFUeL. If you’ve read my site for a few years, you may remember–or may have even joined me for the JOYFUeL ecourse adventure!

Well, JOYFUeL is still very much alive and breathing… and becoming a propelling force of love intending JOY online.

I’ve been focusing all my writing, heART and creative attention on JOY. It feels really important–now more than ever–as it seems we have so much sadness and suffering in our country and around the world. I truly believe if each of us become better guardians of our own JOY, and if we cultivate self compassion and care for our own JOY, this will lead to increase in otherly compassion and connectedness.

I’ve ramped up the JOYFUeL facebook page (please LIKEY, follow, share and shine posts to promote more JOY on Facebook–if you are on there). I’ve dreamed up a new vision for a radio show/podcast called the JOYFUeL Kindcast that I hope will come out later this fall.

Just wanted to share a little update about what I’ve been focusing on. I’d love you to join the expedition at . I will share different writing on that page. Visit the site (still under construction) and subscribe to receive notices about JOYFUeL news in your INBOX. I want to bless you with my heART and work for JOY.

❤ much love and joy,
becky suzik

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