Feeling blue? Use your energy to lift others. (A collection of quotes to print and share.)

Feeling blue, fed up, bored, or need something to distract you from a naughty habit you are trying to break?  I challenge you to use this idea to take yourself out of your head, out of your SELF and make a positive impact on other human beings on Earth–and make yourself feel better in the process too.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. ~Mother Theresa

A simple act of kindness done, makes life nicer for someone. Here is a not-so-random-act-of-kindness idea: Blessing Scrolls. Below is a 20-page PDF document I created containing some of my most favorite quotes collected over the years, with new additions from the Women’s Sacred Kindness Circle in North Carolina, and the Women’s Spirit Art and Friendship Circle in Illinois. (((Blessings and LOVE to you all, Sisters.)))

Download, print a few pages or print them all. Cut the quotes in strips, roll them up and then tie with a ribbon. Leave quotes behind for a special empowering surprise for a beloved stranger. I have a handful of these in my purse and in my car door so I can drop and go when the moment moves me. I never know how these quotes are received, and yet I believe that the right quote reaches the soul it’s intended for.


wishing you love and beautiful surprises…

>|<  becky jaine >|<

3 thoughts on “Feeling blue? Use your energy to lift others. (A collection of quotes to print and share.)

  1. All read and all printed ready to be rolled and ribboned! Thank you – this idea has given me such a lift. I love you – Mum

  2. I LOVE this email! It came at the perfect time, and I already feel better and uplifted after reading them!! Thank you, my beloved friend. I miss you. ❤


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